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The Doubt - RicSung fanfic

Character: Eric Mun, Shin Hyesung and Gomdori ♥ ; Shinhwa members as cameo

Pairing: RicSung

Genre: (a bit) angsty

Warning: be prepare of T_T

A/N: sorry guyz... i was influenced by my depressing mood. i don't know why i like listening I have a lover repeated as bgm in this story. so here it is, oneshot of ricsung with angsty ♥ and T_T ending. (don't hit me plz.... gotta hide from ricsung shippers....)

ps: pics are edited from full-sized pics from Roygen on Facebook, but if yours, let me know so i can credit them properly. cheers!

vid I have a lover cr. to shinhwaluvshcj

Eric and Hyesung are indeed respectful gentlemen. They know what the best for them and others, even if they have to sacrifice their own feeling. It's their way to express their love for their brothers, the families and fans.

[Let it hurts....]


Eric doesn’t know what to do in his rarely day off. He’s used to be busy, but lately Shinhwa doesn’t have so many activities except Shinhwa Broadcast and some members’ individual activities. He could have one as well, such as pursuing his acting career like Dongwan-ie has been doing recently. Well, he and his agency are now considering some scripts that offer him to be the lead actor, let alone other offers to star in CF or be a guest in some variety shows. They have not decided yet, but some are already in discussion, or have been rejected. Being away for about two years during his public service seems not shaking his popularity. But yes, he’s not used to be idle, even for a day off. He hasn’t planned anything for it. That’s why now he’s sulking since the morning came, pacing back and fro in his quiet living room.

“I guess I need to bother Hyesung-ie again.” Lost in mind Eric finally gives in. “Maybe this time he wants to play with me, or at least let me invade his kitchen and rob his titbits stock. It’d be better if let me sprawl in his cosy living room. Maybe he wants to battle me on starcraft. Long time we don’t have duel. I guess he’s already rusty now seeing how much time he spends on rule the sky. Tsk, not so manly for a person whom was a black belt taekwondoin once.” Eric is musing and grunting by himself. “Let’s see what he says if he finds me knocking on his door.” He hopes Hyesung will be in a good mood today. He doesn’t want to have another grumpy company in his already not-so-entertaining day.

And now here he is, ringing bell in front of Hyesung’s apartment door. Gomdori is flapping its tail near his foot. He doesn’t want to leave Gomdori home alone. And he’s sure Hyesung doesn’t mind with Gomdori tagging along. He knows Hyesung loves to play with Gomdori as much as himself. Sometimes he feels they are like a little family with him as the (cool) husband and Hyesung as the (nagging) wife. Of course Gomdori will be their pet. He just needs to recruit Andy and Junjin as their beloved sons. Minwoo and Dongwan can be their wicked uncles.

“Good. No matter it sounds weird, I still like the idea.” Eric amuses by his own thought. He rings the bell once again. He knows Hyesung’s door code, but he respects Hyesung’s privacy. He usually texts or calls him beforehand if he wants to come. Once in a while, he will just sneak in if he wants to surprise Hyesung with some of his 4D pranks. Or if he’s starving.

Not so long after, Eric hears footsteps approaching the door from the inside, and finally Hyesung’s cute face appears behind the door. He looks fresh and smells soap. He must just have had his shower.

“What, Eric? You look bored.” A small smile planted on Hyesung’s clean face. A good sign for Eric that he can disturb Hyesung without being afraid to be kicked out from his apartment. Gomdori barges inside the first time Hyesung opens the door. The dog barks happily. Already familiar with Hyesung’s place, Gomdori sniffs around. Hyesung just chuckles.

So, Eric whines grabbing Hyesung attention back to him, “Hyesung-ah.... let’s play together.”

“Play? What? Where?” Hyesung is a bit stunned. He doesn’t expect Eric to be whiny, asking him to play early in the morning.

“I don’t know. Amusement park? Or maybe you want to go fishing with me again? It’s good weather anyway, perfect to spend outdoor. So?” Eric answers enthusiastically, excited by the idea to have Hyesung by himself all day long. If he could call it a date... oh, what he wishes.

“Naah.. I don’t want to. I have something else to do.” plainly Hyesung says, nonchalant with the change of Eric’s expression into gloomy. “But, if you don’t mind to accompany me, why don’t you go in? Besides, I’m not really keen to be alone.”

Dramatically Eric grins ear to ear hearing Hyesung wants him as companion. He nods vigorously, doesn’t want Hyesung changes mind if he’s late in replying in seconds.

“So, come on in. I just stock some snacks if you want to. Help yourself.” Hyesung opens his door wider and let Eric in. “You can play game in my TV. I don’t mind as long as you keep busy with yourself.”

“Don’t worry about me and Gomdori. But what is it you want to do, Hyesung-ie?” Eric asks while walking to the kitchen.

“It’s for my concert by the end of this year. I want to compile some of my old cover songs. I’m wondering maybe singing them again sounds appealing for the long-waited fans. I don’t know, I still need to look which ones.” Hyesung replies while carrying Gomdori and tickling its stomach. He gets licks on his face. “Yah.. yah.. stop it, Gomdori. I don’t need another cleaning from your tounge. Ewww...” he distances his face from Gomdori. “Go play by yourself.” He puts Gomdori back on the floor and pats its head.

Hearing Hyesung’s answer, an idea pops in Eric’s head. “Hyesung-ah, I can help you with that. If you’re willing to take my suggestion, of course. I guess it’s not far from romantic theme, the concert I mean. Am I right?” Eric winks teasingly to Hyesung. His hands are already full with bags of chips. But he still opens Hyesung’s fridge to grab a carton pack of banana milk.

“Really? You want to help? Awesome! I’d love it.” Hyesung smiles widely. He admires Eric’s talent in music. Although their music preferences are different, but Eric understands Hyesung’s taste as much as he knows his own raps by heart.

Hyesung immediately goes into his room, bringing back his Mac. He walks to his comfy love seat and put his Mac on his lap. “Come here, sit next to me.” He says to Eric, but instead Gomdori runs into him. “Ha..ha..ha... No, Gomdor-ah. Not you, I need your master. You play with your own ball, kay?” He laughs at Gomdori and fondly scratches its ear’s back. Gomdori whines back. “Like master, like pet.” Hyesung thinks as he chuckles.

“Move aside, Gomdor-ah. Mommy and Daddy need our own time.” Eric quickly moves to Hyesung’s side and sits beside him folding his feet.

“Mommy? Daddy?” Hyesung raises his eyebrows and then glares at Eric, knowing it must be one of his 4D thought. “Alright, but you’re the mommy.” He decides to play along. Eric grins, but somehow manages to nod, not minding being a mom as long as they are family.

“But you cook.” Eric replies. “I do the cleaning, though.” He retorts cockily and smirks, happy that somehow Hyesung takes for granted the concept of a family with him and Gomdori.

Hyesung just rolls his eyes. “Whatever.” He scoffs. “Now let’s sort these songs first. I got plenty of them and I don’t know where to begin.” Then they diligently work together sitting side by side, sorting out the songs and discussing which ones will go along with Hyesung’s next concert theme.

Out of the blue, Eric asks, “Hyesung-ie, what do you think of performing ‘I have a lover’ in your concert again? Even it’s a bit heartbreaking, but I love hearing your voice in this song the most. And in this video you seem immersed with the song’s feeling. How did you interpret it and put that expression?” he questions while clicking the mouse to enlarge the display on monitor screen. His eyes bore to Hyesung’s sad expression on the video. Hyesung looks really sad, and it also crushes Eric’s heart to see Hyesung like that.

“Oh, that... well, I don’t know. I just felt it.” Hyesung anxiously replies. Honestly he knows the answer, but since the answer relates to someone beside him right now, he shuts his mouth and avoids answering it clearly. He only hopes Eric will shrug it off. Luckily Eric seems to buy it.

“Hmmm, I think you’re really the best in singing ballad songs, my prince.” Eric states his admiration. His eyes glaze tenderly toward Hyesung. “You know what? I’m your number one fanboy.”

“Want me to sing it for you?” Hyesung asks casually albeit he really means it. It’s one of his hopes to sing the song in front of Eric alone. From the corner of his eye, he secretly judges what behind Eric’s soft expression. He wonders if Eric knows to whom actually he sang the song for. Although the performance passed years ago, but he knows from the moment the feeling started blooming that he will never change his heart for this person.

Slowly Eric’s arms link and hug Hyesung’s right arm. “Go ahead.” His silly smile encourages Hyesung, overcoming his thumping heart and embarrassment. Hyesung sings it softly, sometimes he hums following the music playing in the background. Beside him, Eric follows humming along with him. Unknowingly, Hyesung’s eyes become teary when he finishes singing. He tries hard to hold his tears from falling.

In the midst of their awkwardness, Eric whispers, “Hyesung-ah, I don't know what was going on, but forget the person. Move on, you deserve to be happy.” Then he adds silently, “I wish I were your happiness.” He leans his head onto Hyesung’s shoulder.

The gesture makes the tears finally run down on Hyesung’s cheeks. He leans back his head to Eric’s on his shoulder. His tear drops wet Eric’s hair.

“Babo-ya.... Saranghae, Eric.” but he never mouths it loud.


Empty MT - (RicSung fanfic)

Genre: bromance, friendship
(A/N : tried to write romantic angst, but failed miserably in the middle since it feels… not Shinhwa-ish)

Rating: G

Pairing: RicSung (Eric Mun and Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa)

Disclaimer: Shinhwa members are themselves.

Story setting: During “God of MT” channel – Shinhwa Broadcast shooting (Ep.15)

[... just like the night misses the moon.]

snapshot from RicSung vid by ERicSungForever
credit to RicSung.multiply.com


Hyesung walks out of the lodge where Shinhwa members stay for MT shooting. The sun already hid under the horizon. The dark sky now is decorated with bright stars. The moon is nowhere to see, perhaps still longing to be with the sun.

He stands outside on the porch, alone. The light from inside the lodge radiates behind him, giving out his lean silhouette. Really looks like an angel with folded wings and halo surrounding his body.

Faintly, Hyesung can still hear his members joking around in the living room. Contrary to what here outside, cicadas from the small woods behind the lodge are singing their heartbreaking melody. Above in the sky, a small cloud of bats fly across the backyard to the woods, leaving home to fill their small stomach with some fruit they can find there. The atmosphere around their lodge is so harmonious, so close to the nature. He feels small but peaceful.

Warm summer breeze blows, playing with his soft hair. His fringe is a bit messy, but he doesn’t care. He devours the damp air that caresses his skin. But as much as he enjoys it, he misses someone, just like the night misses the moon.

For the sake of their hidden camera plan, for a whole day long Hyesung was intendedly being away from him. As Minwoo said, as long as he is not around the person, the prank would go smoothly without any suspicion directed to or come from him. And it did work. That someone was successfully distracted by others. He did slip once, yes. But thanks to his members’ quick reaction, they still could save the situation. They succeeded to fool that person, and part of it is because of his mindfulness. So he didn’t care being anxious and careful whilst still pretending to be cheerful. At least at the end everybody was happy. Everybody had a good laugh.

But something is not right. Something is missing and Hyesung feels this emptiness. Knowing that someone didn’t tail after, knowing that someone didn’t go to annoy him, knowing that someone didn’t tease, knowing that someone didn’t spend time with him, he somehow misses those… and him. That much. And it pangs his heart a little.

Suddenly the glass door behind him flings open. A deep voice welcomes his ears, “There you are.”

Hyesung turns his head to the speaker. “Hey, pabo.” He says with a smile. Eric is standing in the door frame while wrapping his own body with a large fleece blanket.

“Hyesung-ie….” Eric whines. “What are you doing here alone?” He pouts. He approaches Hyesung. “Being romantic, eh?” He now stands so near behind Hyesung. “Cold?” he asks again while he hugs Hyesung from behind and wraps the blanket around their bodies together.

Hyesung suddenly feels warm. He knows Eric likes back hugging his members. But Hyesung senses that this time Eric does it for him only. He feels fitted in Eric’s broad chest. Being contented, he leans back and takes pleasure in the warmth.

But Eric is just not Eric if he doesn’t annoy Hyesung in a way. He bangs his head to the back of Hyesung’s. “Something troubles you? What is it in your small head?” he enquires while repeatedly banging his head gently.

“Ouch…. Eric-ah. It hurts.” Hyesung whimpers and wriggles slightly in Eric’s hold.

“Hyesung-ah, you know what? I love hugging you like this. So don’t exercise like Wannie. See what he’s done to his body? Too firm! Even he lost some fans for being that muscular. And for me, it feels like I’m hugging an obelisk. But you, you’re just perfect in my arms.” Eric rants aimlessly and rests his head on Hyesung’s shoulder. He stares at Hyesung then moves his staring to Hyesung’s narrow chin, wondering why there’s no stubble there.

“So you prefer we don’t do nude photo shoot again because you want me always this thin?” Hyesung sneers. “You’re sneaky mikkulaji.” He stares back at Eric. Somehow his eyes do not show any offense. Let alone they show admiration, admiring Eric’s large eyes, sharp nose, thick eyebrows, thin moustache, even his lips shape.

“Hahaha…. don’t be mad.” Hyesung’s wandered thought is cut by Eric’s heartily laugh. “Come on, Pilkyo-ssi. You’re not thin, just slimmer than us all.” he shakes Hyesung’s body lightly.

“Besides, you are our little prince. Why should you build your muscle? I’m more than willing to be your knight and always protect you, my prince. All you have to do is just protect your hair, hmmpft.” Eric snorts. And like a dog, he strokes his head against Hyesung’s soft hair. Soon he begins to sway their bodies, slightly to the left and right.

“Stop it, silly. You dishevel my hair. Eric-ah!” Hyesung tries to halt Eric’s movement, but fails completely. “Such a weakling I am.” unconsciously he thinks about his own body.

“Hyesung-ah, be by my side forever.” Eric murmurs near Hyesung’s ear. “Be more than Youngbae. You’ve promised, remember?” he adds calmly. “And because… we are Shinhwa imnida!” he suddenly screams the last words, making Hyesung startled. He giggles watching Hyesung rubs his ear until it gets red. And out of the blue, he chomps Hyesung’s ear playfully.

“Yah! Eric-ah!” Hyesung yells, trying to escape from Eric’s mouth and his firm hold on his body. He squirms in vain. 

All of a sudden, “Hyungdeul!!!” Andy’s voice snaps behind them. He runs toward them, “I also want Shinhwa group hug!” and hugs Hyesung from the front.

“Yah! Why are you here? Minoo.... Minoo-yah! Your baby’s here. Get him away from us!” Eric shouts into the house. He tries to push Andy away from Hyesung.  But Hyesung only laughs and accepts Andy’s hug. He kisses Andy’s cheek fondly.

“Waeyo…. Hyesung-ie. Where’s my kiss?” Eric demands jealously. He thrusts his cheek to Hyesung’s lips. Hyesung widens his eyes, ready to back his head. But Andy’s right palm reacts faster. Like Zomdy, his hand moves to Eric’s face quickly, hindering Eric’s advance and getting in the way between Hyesung and Eric’s heads.

Eric dodges Andy’s hand and lolls his tongue out, but Andy just laughs it off. Happy to annoy Eric. Sometimes him being Zomdy means an evil merciless maknae.

“You ruin our moment, maknae.” Eric protests.

“My point, hehehe.” Andy replies back. “I can’t stand anything mushy corny without me involved.” He winks at Eric, “And you’re supposed to be manly, hyung-nim.” teases him furthermore.

Hyesung only smiles seeing their antics. His hands are still holding Andy. Giving up, Eric opens his arms and surrounds them all together within his long arms.

‘Click’. Without knowing, Dongwan that comes afterward presses the shutter on his DSLR, capturing the lovely moment. He grins looking at the snapshot on camera screen. Hyesung is being sandwiched between Eric and Andy. Their bodies are enclosed tightly in a fluffy blanket.


Genre: bromance, friendship

Rating: G+

Pairing: RicSung (Eric Mun and Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa)

Disclaimer: Shinhwa members are themselves, me adoring from afar. Gomdori? Well, even it's a dog, I won't claim it as well :)

Story setting: after shooting of Shinhwa Broadcast episode 10-11

Background music: Dreaming of Separation by Shin Hyesung and Forever with You by Shinhwa (duet song Shin Hyesung & Eric Mun)
( credit of English translation of Dreaming of Separation goes to Shinhwa Changjo Indonesia )

Description: While Hyesung usually is the nagging and resistant one, sometimes at times like these, Eric gets the upper hand and becomes fussy to Hyesung. Sure, Eric will gladly take advantage of Hyesung at any possible way.

[Part B - Disaster at Breakfast]

Part B - Disaster at Breakfast

♥ ♥ ♥ Ric ♥ Sung ♥ ♥ ♥

The next morning, Eric is woken up by his phone ringing piercingly into his ears. He almost gets heart attack as he falls from his bed with a loud thud. He rubs his eyes and glances at the digital clock on the bedside drawer. “Gosh… still 9. Who dares to disturb my sleeping?” he grumbles.

Eric grabs his phone. “Yoboseyo?” he answers the call without looking at the caller’s ID.

“Eric… I’ve nothing for breakfast, and I’m so hungry now. Share that sashimi with me, please. Don’t you remember that it is because of my contribution your life is safe this morning?” Eric hears Hyesung whines on the other line.

“Hyesung-ah… it’s still 9 in the morning, for heaven’s sake. Leave me alone. I played Diablo until late, and I’m still sleepy.” Now it’s Eric's turn to whine.

“That’s my point, 9 in the morning is the right time to have breakfast. Okay, don’t bother me. You can continue to sleep. I’ll just eat some and makes sure to leave more for you.” Hyesung insists.

“I don’t believe you. You eat for two! Aish… whatever, just pop in.” finally Eric concedes.

Soon Eric hears his door clicks open and some light steps heard heading to the kitchen. “Hyesung, is that you?” Eric knows by heart whose steps belong to. He just wants to hear that angelic voice greets him before he himself begins his morning.

“Yup.” Hyesung answers shortly. “Can I have your ramyeon as well? I don’t think the sashimi is enough for us both.”

“See. I’ve told you, you eat for two. Are you pregnant, or something?” Eric says while walking into the kitchen. He sees Hyesung already took out two packs of ramyeon from the cupboard and now he’s preparing a pan to cook it on the hob. He opens the fridge and takes out some spring onion together with cabbage and red pepper paste.

“Yah! Be quiet, or I’ll just make one for me only.” Hyesung retorts back while putting on a blue striped apron. The apron is Hyesung’s gift to Eric on Mother’s Day last year. He said he wanted Eric to learn how to cook like a real mother. As ridiculous as the idea was, it certainly makes Eric spend more time in the kitchen. To sum up, everything from Hyesung, he’ll treasure it the most. Let alone he also knows that his apron is coupled with Hyesung’s red striped one.

“Please, don’t make it too hot, Hyesung-ah.” Eric watches worriedly. Hyesung is too busy with chopping to hear what Eric just said. Giving up, Eric then goes to living room to watch morning news on TV.

“What’s on the news?” Hyesung asks following him to living room after a while. “I kinda lost in the world since our comeback.”

“Hey, your ramyeon.” Eric reminds Hyesung of what he’s doing right now.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take long.” Hyesung ignores him and keep walking to coffee table nearby, searching for today’s newspaper. He’s too preoccupied until suddenly he sniffs the air.

“Do you smell something burning?” he asks Eric curiously.

“That’s my heart burning for.....” Eric doesn’t have a chance to finish his cheesy sentence. Hyesung already gets up abruptly.

“My ramyeon!” Hyesung shrieks. He runs to the kitchen. Too bad he can’t save the ramyeon. It’s burnt already, even the pan is stained black with soot.

“Oh my God.” Hyesung can only wail in front of his burnt ramyeon. “Alright, chillax. Everything is under control. I’ll just make another one. Don’t worry, Eric. It’ll be ready in a minute. I promise.” he murmurs incoherently.

“Nope. You easily get distracted. Move. You’re off, I’ll cook.” Eric proceeds and then throws away the wasted ramyeon. He puts the pan in the basin and places the new one on the hob. He untied Hyesung’s apron from him, puts it on himself and start cooking. This time he’ll make ramyeon without red pepper paste, only black pepper and garlic powder.

“Why don’t you use red pepper paste?” Hyesung asks.

“Yah, Jung Pilgyo!” Eric says in stern voice. “I’ve spent over 30 years of my life for perfecting my ramyeon cooking skill. So don’t question it. Look at yourself, you just ruin your reputation with that burnt thing.” he points at the food remnant in the trash bin. “Go bother Gomdori, and only come if I call. Ara?”

“You’re being exaggerated.” Hyesung pouts but goes to find Gomdori to play with the dog.

Not long after, Eric calls Hyesung to eat. He also serves the sashimi on the table along with his ramyeon. They start digging in and finish all in no time. Hyesung washes the dishes and Eric wipes them with a clean napkin. Soon after, it’s done. Eric walks back to living room to watch TV while Hyesung goes to Eric’s bedroom.

“Eric, where do you put your game console?” Hyesung shouts from the bedroom.

“It’s still in my bag.” Eric shouts back while playing with Gomdori on the floor.

Later, Hyesung walks back to the room. In his hand, he’s playing Eric’s game consoler seriously. He walks without looking at his way. His eyes set firmly on the game console. But somehow he manages to find his place beside Eric and sits down on the floor, too. He leans back comfortably against Eric’s back. Unconsciously his act makes Eric bend forward and causes Gomdori yapping by the sudden change of Eric’s position.

“Oops, sorry Gomdor-ah. This alien really has no manner. He’s trying to interrupts our bonding time. I think he’s just jealous.” playfully Eric pretends to chitchat with his dog. Gomdori barks and jumps happily. He seems to understand every sentence that Eric says.

“I heard you. Now, sit still, both of you. If you two make me lost in this game, I will… I will… oh, shut up.” Hyesung is panicking, trying to save his character from being shot. He immediately concentrates back on the game again.

So, that’s how the morning spent in Eric’s place, with Hyesung busily plays Starcraft while leaning back to back with Eric, and Eric and Gomdori chat animatedly. Occasionally there heard Hyesung curses.

What a peaceful morning.


Genre: bromance, friendship

Rating: G+

Pairing: RicSung (Eric Mun and Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa)

Disclaimer: Shinhwa members are themselves, me adoring from afar. Gomdori? Well, even it's a dog, I won't claim it as well :)

Story setting: after shooting of Shinhwa Broadcast episode 10-11

Background music: Dreaming of Separation by Shin Hyesung and Forever with You by Shinhwa (duet song Shin Hyesung & Eric Mun)
( credit of English translation of Dreaming of Separation goes to Shinhwa Changjo Indonesia )

Description: While Hyesung usually is the nagging and resistant one, sometimes at times like these, Eric gets the upper hand and becomes fussy to Hyesung. Sure, Eric will gladly take advantage of Hyesung at any possible way.

[Part A - Horrible Date]

Part A - Horrible Date

♥ ♥ ♥ Ric ♥ Sung ♥ ♥ ♥

“Is it me… or Hyesung’s just being clingy today?” Eric muses as he walks to restroom. Since Shinhwa finished the shooting for Shinhwa Broadcast episode “God of Eloquence”, Hyesung has been around him. Out of the tail of his eye, he can see him always nearby. Actually Hyesung doesn’t do anything particular, but his presence for being that close almost drives Eric crazy. The fact that Hyesung does nothing but keeps around makes him agitated. It’s out of Hyesung’s habit. Firstly, he’s always busying himself by doing things efficiently. Secondly, almost at all times he avoids Eric whenever he senses him alone, afraid to get teased. And with that serious expression Hyesung has on his face now, doubtfully he’s in the mood to be playful with Eric, especially after this late.

“Now it’s odd.” Eric ponders again. After the shooting, Eric talked to the PD about the schedule. He needed to adjust small things as Shinhwa members will have their own individual activity within the last half year. And he was surprised to see Hyesung came and got involved with their discussion voluntarily. Usually it’s always Minwoo or Andy. Then after that, when he thanked the staffs, Hyesung didn’t leave him and bowed to them besides him.

“Gosh, he even follows me to restroom. Ottohke?” he said to himself, literally facepalms.

“Hyesung-ah, you need something from me?” Eric asks suspiciously.

Hyesung looks at him with blank expression. He shakes his head. “Wae?” he replies back.

“Stop tailing me. Are you a stalker?” Eric rolls his eyes.

“Of course I’m not!” Hyesung pouts. “I just want to wash my hands. They stink. I think it’s because of those prawn chips Dongwan shared with me.” He reasons lamely. “Nothing to do with you.”

“Then why from the time we finished our shooting, you’ve been following me around?” Eric questions.

“Me?” Hyesung points at himself. “No, I’m not. And why are you so angry? It’s not I want to prank you.” Hyesung talks back.

“Tsk… as if. I know you hide something sneaky.” Eric says again.

“Isn’t it you that sneaky, mikkulaji?” Hyesung sneers.

“Yah!” Eric sulks, but this time he walks to Hyesung and stares at his face closely. “Still hurt?” he touches Hyesung’s face right under his chin. There are faint red lines marked on his upper neck. Hyesung was the last in speech contest and he got 2 more pulls of elastic band punishment instead of his original 5 ones. That’s because of his bad luck, he took over all the pulls of Eric’s punishment. He lost in a tricky rock-paper-scissors game against Eric in attempt to reduce his own.

“Aniya.” Hyesung moves backward and rears his head, trying to dodge Eric’s hand. “Ouch!” He bumps his head against the wall behind.

“Hahaha… now both your head and face hurt. See, that’s what you get when you have those ulterior motives inside your small head.” Eric taps Hyesung on the shoulder wickedly.

Hyesung puckers his lips. He wants to say something to defend himself, but suddenly changes his mind. Sometimes Eric is just so stubborn and if he keeps arguing, they will end up with bickering nonstop. No way, his energy is already depleted now.

“Eric-ah, I’m starving. Are you not? I just want to ask you to come with me for dinner. I said before that I’ll treat you and I mean it.” Hyesung hesitantly gets to the topic. He’s not going to beat around the bush. He is sorry he made Eric upset by choosing Dongwan over him in debate section of their show. He just wanted to be funny. After all, it’s only for a show. Yet deep in his heart, no matter what, he always prefers Eric to be his company. Eric is dependable and he’s so much caring toward him. Even every now and then, he wishes Eric will be around him for good.

“Ah! Sashimi? Just the two of us?” Eric suddenly feels excited again. Hyesung nods and smiles sweetly. “Woooo… let’s go!” Eric squeals. “You should tell me so.” Then he grabs one of Hyesung’s sleeves and drags him out of the restroom.

Driving on Hyesung’s convertible, they arrive at their favourite Japanese restaurant in no time. Because of their regularity and their status as VIP guests, they don’t initially need to book. The restaurant is fancy but still holds its traditional style. Japanese ornament and furniture elegantly furnish the waiting hall, corridor and booths.

Hyesung and Eric are lead to their usual booth by a waiter. She opens the shoji and politely let them in. She then closes it and leaves them with the menu list. The booth itself gives them privacy that many celebrities yearn for while enjoying their meal in this restaurant.

“Okay, let’s see… what would I have? It’s on you, right Hyesung-ie?” Eric confirms. He smirks mischievously. “So… I think I will just cover up the dish names and only look at the prices. Well… well… what’s their price? You know Hyesung-ah, this is the fun part. I’m going to choose the most expensive ones!” he keeps on mumbling while grinning nonstop.

“Yah! Just order as usual.” Hyesung is worried now while Eric doesn’t seem to buy it. Eric’s eyes gleam naughtily. His slender index finger traces the price list. The dish names are already covered. Hyesung tries to disturb by tugging the menu. Finally Hyesung gives up and lets Eric do what he wants. Likewise, he mentally notes to take revenge next time they go out again.

In the end, they make their choices. The meal comes not long after. So troublesome that it needs three waiters to bring all their order. Now their table is full with so many kinds of expensive dishes. Most are Eric’s order.

“Itadakimasu.” Eric says happily.

“Itadakimasu.” Hyesung replies enthusiastically. He’s been starving for long time. Not to mention the energy he spent to stalk Eric in order to bring him here.

In the middle of eating, Hyesung asks “Eric-ah, you’re not mad, are you? You see, I didn’t mean it when I chose Dongwan over you. You know I like you more, no… the most among others if I have to say, even over our maknaes. Just don’t say it to our members. And please... never ever compare yourself with poop. I don’t like it at all. Do you think I hate you that much that you need to make me choose between you and poop? Then you don’t know me well enough.” Hyesung rants endlessly.

“Ah… that’s why you treat me with this?” Eric smiles hearing what Hyesung just confessed. “Okay, I will accept your apologies if you sing me a song.” he then eagerly coaxes Hyesung to sing, not forgetting to add with his adorable puppy eyes. “Come on. Just one song, and we’re even.” he adds.

“Why do I have to? You’re not my girl. Even if so, I’m not fancy to entertain you. And remind you, this is public place. I don’t want to draw attention.” Hyesung refuses.

“You used to back then. Why not now? Okay, I’m not your girl but I’m your man!” Eric winks his left eye teasingly. “And besides, it’s a matter of fact that I’m also your baepu. And... and... we’re alone here. It’s more than private. So, it’s fine. Right, Hyesung-ie?” Eric doesn’t seem to back up an inch.

“Alright.” Hyesung gives in, lost by Eric’s continuing attack of his puppy eyes and miserable whining. Still grumbling, he eventually begins to hum.

“Wait, what song is that? And don’t hum, sing… pretty please?” Eric pleads more.

“Okay.. okay..” Hyesung rolls his eyes. “The song’s called Dreaming of Separation.” He then sings it softly. When he sings, he looks anywhere but Eric. Sometimes his eyes cast down to his folding hands. He feels shy to sing in front of Eric, alone. He’d rather do it on the phone.

Dreaming of Separation

I have to go but I have so many thoughts
I could have just gone the way my heart tells me
One day I look back and my heart has already left
I couldn’t even say anything; I was afraid it would hurt you
I thought up cowardly excuses
I dream of separation, while I suffer under love like it’s a big burden
I let you go like it’s our last; you look back and smile
I can see you; can I smile sadly at you like you did yesterday
I don’t know if I feel sorry for you or if I’m just sorry,
I want to hold you in my arms
Can I bear it; I set my heart straight and try to bring back this love
I dream of separation, while I suffer under love like it’s a big burden
I let you go like it’s our last; I wave my hand far away
The only thing you would do is laugh; do I really feel sorry
Now I have to say it
I dream of happiness, even when I try to stop you and tell you not to stay by me
You ask me whether I love you; I nod my head
I dream of separation

On the other hand, Eric keeps smiling while listening solemnly. He slouches forward and puts his chin on the table above his clasped hands. He cocks his head a little until his left cheek lain on the table.

When Hyesung finishes the song, Eric wows and claps like a child. “My heavenly voice… saranghae!” he makes heart shape with his arms above his head. “You dream of separation from me? You know you can’t stay away from me. You’re too deep in love with me.” Eric grins. “I will follow you everywhere. Just like our duet song, Forever with You. I’ll make sure of that. Hahaha... you call it love, I call it destiny.” he heartily laughs.

“You wish.” Hyesung scoffs although he looks between shy and embarrassed. He rubs the back of his head sheepishly. Eric can catch a sight of his cheeks tinged with pink shade.

“So, you’re not mad at me anymore?” Hyesung asks again. He smiles as sweet as he can be, trying to persuade Eric to accept his apology.

“Ah, that’s right. I might look over it, only if you bribe me more.” Eric exclaims and laughs. “You do realize that there are two problems between us that needed to be solved. So, singing me a song is for choosing Dongwan over me.”

“What?” Hyesung is dumbfounded. Surely Eric is a loach. “Tsk, mikkulaji. What about the other one?” he asks.

“You took down my pride to the degree of poop just to win your heart. So, take-home sashimi should settle the problem.” Eric smirks wickedly. “And I want a lot. You should not forget Gomdori at home. Poor him, home alone waiting for his master.” Eric fakes to look pitiful.

“Eric… Gomdori is a dog. He can’t eat sashimi, he can be sick. He has his own biscuit and I just bought him a big pack of tuna flavour yesterday.” Hyesung tries to reason Eric’s puny excuse.

“Please…?” Eric keeps begging.

“Fine… do whatever you want.” Hyesung shakes his head in disbelief as to Eric’s appetite. Now he really is broke. “Hurry, so we can go home soon. I’m already sleepy. You drive, okay?” Hyesung says again.

“Yay, what a life! Okay, as my gratitude, tonight I’ll be your personal chauffer. I, the knight, will make sure to escort our little prince home safe and sound.” Eric being dramatic pats his own chest and beams ear to ear.

“Tsk, stop being so mushy.” Hyesung sighs but obediently orders more sashimi to bring home. He gives his car key to Eric and gets up. “Let’s go home.”

In the car, Hyesung turns on the CD player and selects songs from his ballad album. The soft music lulls him and he becomes asleep. His eyelids droop slowly as he struggles to keep them open.

Out of the blue, Eric’s voice drifts into Hyesung’s ears. Eric is rapping his part in Hello & Goodbye. Hyesung opens his eyes slightly. He utters drowsily, “I love this song. I love your rap. I love how our voice blends smoothly.”

Eric turns his head to Hyesung. “Ricsung jjang.” he responds in an affectionate tone and smiles a little. “Go sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

They finally reach their apartment building. Eric parks Hyesung’s car in their reserved parking lot. He pats Hyesung’s thigh to wake him up. “We’re home.”

Hyesung wakes up lazily but he follows Eric out. Together they take lift to go up to their floor. They are actually neighbours for years, bringing the fact they are really close to each other. Even their parents are also close. With Eric’s parents are in the US, automatically Hyesung’s family are his closest relatives, particularly Hyesung’s mother. Her home made cook is the best.

In front of Hyesung’s door, Eric stops and gives back Hyesung’s key car. “Thanks, Hyesung-ie. You save my life tomorrow with this breakfast.” Eric smirks as he lifts the plastic bag filled with sashimi.

“As long as you’re happy.” Hyesung answers coolly. All of sudden Hyesung leans forward awkwardly and kisses Eric’s right cheek unexpectedly. So swift that it looks like he only brushes his lips on Eric’s cheek.

Stunned, Eric hears Hyesung whispers softly, “Nite, Eric.” before he jogs to his door and disappears behind it in a flash.

Hyesung just initiated a kiss! Somehow the thought manages to pop into Eric’s head while he’s on the cloud nine.

“Wae…? Aigoo, too fast…” Eric is flabbergasted now. He knows sometimes Hyesung can be unpredictable. Especially these days, he acts as if he’s been possessed by some spirit.

“Whoaahhh...” Letting out his breath, finally Eric comes back to earth. “What’s up with him?” he thinks. But he decides it’s beyond his understanding and lets it by. “Maybe because he’s A blood type.”

Eric touches his tainted cheek with his hand. “Tonight I won’t wash my face. The hell with acnes. This is absolutely more precious. Oh, I wish Wannie was here with his camera.” he’s daydreaming and yet, slowly gets going to his own apartment.

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Title: A Sweet Hectic Moment

Genre: bromance, fluff

Rating: G

Pairing: Ricsung

Disclaimer: Shinhwa members belong to themselves. But we can share, can’t we? J

Background songs: Shin Hyesung – Longing ; SHS ft. Eric – Hello & Goodbye

Setting: Before departing to airport for Shinhwa’s Asia tour concert in Taiwan 2012

[.... if you stay overnight in my place]

♥ ♥ ric♥sung ♥ ♥

Eric has been thinking how to go to airport tomorrow. They just finished their last practice and it’s already nearly midnight. He feels sore all over his body, but still he thinks about his members. Since other members live separately, they most likely go to airport with their own managers. Only Hyesung is his neighbour, so it’s natural to think about him most. Besides, he always pays more attention to Hyesung. Andy is also his exception since Andy is the maknae, and he’s so cute. No matter how he ages, his hyungs will always see him as a baby and love him unconditionally.

Eric considers picking up Hyesung early in the morning then having breakfast together in the airport. Suddenly Hyesung comes to him and says, “Eric, I think we can save time to go to airport tomorrow if you stay overnight in my place. What do you think?”

Eric beams. “Sure. No prob.”, he answers quickly. He’s afraid that Hyesung will change his mind if not given a prompt reply.

“What a coincidence.” the thought amuses Eric. He likes spending time with Hyesung despite what everyone’s thought that they are awkward to each other. Well, sometimes it’s true. But most of the time, he enjoys Hyesung’s company. Though he knows that Hyesung doesn’t like skinship, but he can’t afford to not touch, hug or peck him at least ten times a day. Actually, Eric doesn’t count how many times, but surely he likes having physical contacts with his members and showing his affection. Hyesung is his favourite especially since he always rejects him. He wonders why it’s only him. Eric knows Hyesung is not that hesitant to the others. At least that gives him a feeling that he’s “special” in Hyesung’s eyes. He can’t ask for more knowing what type Hyesung is.

“But Eric, it’s better if we go to your place first, grab your luggage, then head to my place.” Hyesung continues speaking. “Have you prepared your suitcase?”

“Errr… not yet.” Eric grins widely. He prepares mentally to listen to Hyesung’s nagging. “Here he comes.” he grimaces imaginarily. Of course he wouldn’t dare to show it in front of Hyesung or else it’ll be all night long.

“What??” Hyesung begins. “How can you be so irresponsible with your own things? You know that we will be going early morning, right? You won’t have enough time if you still need to pack, then sleep. You'd end up skipping breakfast” he huffs. “Come on, let’s go home now.”

Eric is just dumbfounded. His brain can’t process how Hyesung managed to say his saying in one breath in less than 5 seconds. And Hyesung is not even a rapper. Well, it seems so. “Okay.” he answers with defeated feeling.

“Now. I mean now is now, Eric.” Hyesung just can’t see Eric being so slow, “Ppali.” He’s not the patient one. So he just walks to Eric’s car with long strides. He knows that Eric cannot refuse his suggestion. He knows he holds a soft spot in Eric’s heart and he makes sure to use it properly. He already gave his car key to his manager so that he could arrive in the airport before the members and take care of things. Eric’s manager can be texted later and asked to pick them up tomorrow at Hyesung’s apartment to drive them to airport.

Hyesung stops beside Eric’s car. His hand is on the passenger seat’s handle “Door, please.”

Eric clicks a button in his remote key to unlock the doors. And he skips to his car as fast as his exhausted body can handle. They settle inside the car and buckle their seatbelts. The way back home is silent. Eric breaks the silence, “Are you nervous with the concert?”

“It always happens to me. I just worry if I can’t give my best and please our long waited fans.” Hyesung says in a heavy sigh.

“You're always like that. Don’t be, Hyesung-ie. We believe in your hard work. Everything will be alright. I’ll make sure that. Leave the rest to me and Junjin.” Eric tries to cheer Hyesung up. Hyesung is always the worrying type, and if he’s worried, everyone can get affected. “You have us on stage. We’re together again. We will have fun with Shinhwa Changjo. You miss them, right?”

Hyesung only replies with a small smile, but the smile has reached his eyes. Eric can be relieved now. He knows Hyesung will be fine. “Just be easy with your knee, kay? I won’t take care of you if you get injured again. Arasso?” he threatens him softly. His hand reaches Hyesung’s hair and ruffles it.

“Nooo!” Hyesung pouts and swats Eric’s hand away. He unconsciously flips down the shade in front of his passenger seat to look into that small mirror behind. He tries to fix his hair, and then he remembers they are on the way home. No need to be neat anymore. “Whatever.” Eric just chuckles hearing his answer and he once more ruffles Hyesung's hair. This time Hyesung just stays calm. Even he quietly enjoys Eric’s hand on his scalp. He likes the comfort Eric offers. He really likes Eric’s long fingers and every time he touches he delivers the warmth that Hyesung longs for secretly. But no way, he will not admit it to Eric. It’ll just encourage Eric for being more touchy-feely near him.

The trip only takes 20 minutes. In no matter of time, they arrive at Eric’s apartment. Eric opens his door and lets Hyesung close it behind him. He goes straight to his bedroom and takes the suitcase out from the closet. Hyesung follows inside.

“You get your toiletries. I will prepare your clothes, besides I can’t trust you with your fashion style. Minwoo will scold me if he knows I don’t take care of you.” Hyesung orders Eric. Eric just nods and heads to his bathroom. He doesn’t want to waste time. He’s dead tired, he can only think about bed and bed again, and sleep. He’s thankful that Hyesung is handling his belongings. He always does since he treats Eric’s things like his own things. They even bought some couple stuff, like hoodies, jackets, caps and whatnot.

They quickly finish the packing and Eric brings his suitcase out. “Passport? Game console? iPod?” Hyesung asks.

“Yup, everything’s in my backpack.” replies Eric. He stops for awhile and walks back to the kitchen. He grabs some lollipops from the jar, and then resumes walking to the door where Hyesung already stands and waits for him.

“Okay, then let’s go. We need to rest soon.” Hyesung just answer nonchalantly.

They promptly go to Hyesung’s apartment. After Hyesung let them in, he asks, “Want to have some tea before going to bed?”

Eric just throws himself on Hyesung couch and immediately closes his eyes. “Hmmm.”

Hyesung continues walking to the kitchen and makes some rose tea. He brings a cup of tea to the living room. He nudges Eric, “Get up. Here’s your tea.”

Eric only opens his eyes slightly, and gets up to sit beside Hyesung. He leans his head to Hyesung’s shoulder and receives his tea. He sips several times and hands it again to Hyesung. Then he wraps his arms around Hyesung’s waist and snuggles his head more to Hyesung’s shoulder again. Hyesung lets him this time and silently finishes Eric’s tea.

“Eric, bed now.” Hyesung wriggles a bit to free his body from Eric’s hold. “You still need to wash yourself and change. Come on, I’ll help you.” Hyesung stands up and offers his hand to Eric. He pulls Eric up and leads him to the guestroom.

“Brush your teeth. I’ll prepare your pyjamas. Don’t forget to wash your face thoroughly. You don’t want to get acnes before concert, do you?” Hyesung says while guides him to the bathroom since Eric can’t walk himself with those half-closed eyes. Eric just does what Hyesung says automatically.

“Here’s your pyjamas, Eric.” Hyesung knocks on bathroom’s door. Eric opens the door and takes the pyjamas from Hyesung’s hand. Yes, Hyesung and Eric have their personal things in each other apartment to make it easy when they have sleepover for some reasons, like this time. Things intimate like a couple would have, such as their toothbrush, pyjamas, sweatpants and some t-shirts, they put them in the other's apartment. It’s just common between them.

Eric changes his clothes with the pyjamas and then eagerly heads to the bed. He just drops his tired body on top of the quilt. In no time there comes his soft snore. His back faces the ceiling.

Not long after, Hyesung is back to check upon Eric. He’s already in his own pyjamas. He sees Eric lying on the bed, drooling. He draws near him and tugs him properly under the quilt. Eric grumbles sleepily and in between his unclear words, Hyesung hears “Hyesung-ah, joh-ahyo.” Hyesung just smiles, “Nado, Eric. Jaljayo.” Then he turns off the light, closes the door and goes to his own bedroom.

♥ ♥ ric♥sung ♥ ♥

Hyesung wakes up by the time his iPhone buzzed. It’s 5am. Eric’s manager will pick them up at 6am. He has enough time to prepare himself and makes simple breakfast for Eric and him. In the kitchen, he prepares French toasts and sausages. He also pours orange juice into two glasses. Then he goes back to wake Eric up.

“Eric…” Hyesung shakes Eric lightly. Fortunately, Eric is not that hard to wake up especially when he knows he has to. Maybe it’s because his leader’s instinct. Eric opens his eyes. His eyes are a bit puffy due to lack of sleep. He scrubs his eyes carelessly then gets up to head to the bathroom.

“Breakfast is ready. I’ll be waiting in the kitchen in 5 minutes. If not, I’ll drag you out.” Hyesung says, amusedly watches Eric walking wobbly and bumping his head against the door’s frame.

Hyesung doesn’t have to wait for 5 minutes since Eric’s now sitting on the kitchen stool and religiously digging in his breakfast. “Whoa… Hyesung-ah, absolutely delicious!” Eric comments whole-heartedly. He flashes his infamous thumb-up pose.

Hyesung grins sheepishly, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.” but he takes the compliments thankfully. “Just finish it quickly. Btw, it’s your turn to wash the dishes. I’ll be preparing myself. Your manager will come at 6 sharp.” he concludes.

When all are ready, the door bell rings. Hyesung and Eric head to the door with their luggage. Eric’s manager stands outside the door right on time. He then helps them diligently and brings Hyesung’s luggage to the car. He puts all their luggage in the trunk, then sits himself on driver’s seat. “Ready?” he asks. Hyesung and Eric just nod and thank him.

The journey to Incheon Airport only takes about 40 minutes, thanks to the quiet traffic in the early morning. Even this early, there are fans waiting for them outside and inside the airport. The fans are really something. They cheer them up before the concert that Shinhwa will hold in Taiwan, and willingly see them off and later will greet them back.

Hyesung walks in front of Eric. Hyesung’s manager greets them and guides them through the crowds. They walk together to the departure gate of Incheon Airport. The other members are already there. They greet and joke to each other. One by one they pass the checking gate. Eric walks behind Hyesung. He silently takes out one of his lollipops and carefully sneaks it into Hyesung’s backpack.

They check in their flight and drop their luggage. One more time they have to pass the immigration checkpoint. The immigration officers check all their bags carefully. When Hyesung sees there’s one thing that not belongs to him, he frowns. A lollipop is spotted nicely among his belongings. He searches around and sees Eric is already waiting for them with a lollipop in his mouth. He winks when their eyes meet. Hyesung just sticks his tongue out slightly. After all, he takes the lollipop, unwraps and begins to suck on it slowly. He enjoys the sweetness both from the lollipop and Eric’s affection toward him. Eric just watches and smirks happily.


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